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Chapter 3: Outpost Found, Outpost Dead

Wedge followed the shuttles down to the surface. After awhile the shuttles broke up in different directions.
"Reds 2 and 3, come with me. 4, 5, and 6, go after the ones on the left. Gold Squadron will take care of the right ones." Wedge said into his comm.
He put his X-Wing in a dive right behind the shuttle. The shuttle's rear laser begun blasting at them very poorly. "Rapid Fire on the autocannons." Wedge thought. "Very, very stupid. They won't even hit us."

In space was a different story. McKay's Squad had fought off 16 strikes by Ties, but it was showing. Two Y-Wings had burned out repulsers and had to dock with the Liggins for repairs. A B-Wing had fired it's proton torepetos to soon at a group of Intercepters. The result, both the Intercepters and the B-Wing were destoryed. Six other ships had sustained Heavy Fire and which their Astromech Droids were currently repair. But the A-Wings had to re-dock to get their shields fixed or get in side a new fighter if the shields couldn't be fixed in ten minutes or less. Her own A-Wing's shields were at 85%. The was good, for now at least.

Back on the surface Wedge had followed the shuttle in front of him for thirty minutes. He was about to return to the Liggins and re-call all fighters when he saw something ahead of him. It was an Outpost. Wedge saw the shuttle slow down and begin to land inside a massive bay that just opened up. He clicked his comm on.
"Reds Two and Three," Wedge barked,"Fire torepetos inside that bay on my mark!" Wedge took a deep breth and yelled, "Three, Two, One, MARK!"
Six torepetos fired at the massive bay and made it inside. Explosions rippled inside of the bay as it colasped to the ground. Turbolasers turned to fire at the fighters but they were gone. Wedge and his squad had raced out of there before they could spotted. They now raced to a certain spot which the shuttle broadcasted and they picked up. The Renment had found the Super Star Destoryer Levitian. Wedge and his Squad have to stop them before it's furry can be unleashed.....

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