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the problem i have about newbie groups, is that they allways start out giving people "command" positions. ANd then after a while the founder will get bored with it, and the group will die. With the NRES i started out with me, and one other person, i spent aobut 12 hours or more online each day for about 4 months, after that four months i had about 20 members, and now, after about 8 months i have had over 100 ppl join, but only 20 active members.

I hate to see new people join a group that might eventually die, and then lose interest, becasue the grou[p falls apart. Also, new groups tend to be very arrogent, and nice nice to work with. Thinking that they are the best, but when they actually put themselves against a older group they get blown apart.

Start out with a core group of good, dedicated pilots. Then, after you have means of communication open (ICQ, AIM, Message boards) start recuiting new people, and train them to become better then yourself

There are far to many groups i have seen start out, and then die a quick messy death, all becasue the leader couldn't put enuf time in, and the members had no clue what to do
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