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Okay, i am starting to take offense

Most grousp do fermly stay in thier alignment. Al ot of the have Black Squadrons (Rebels who want to fly Imp craft) Pheonix style squads (Imps who want to fly Rebel craft) or Shadow squads (Anyone can fly anything) the only reason to stick to rebel, or Imp ships if for storyline. many member wil have thier "personal craft" which can be anyhting, and a "Group Craft" which can be almsot anyhting

Ranks, and command are givin for ORGINIZATION

There is nothing worse then joining a group, and then finind no one to play in the group, or, not even being able to caontact anyone.

the N.R.E.S. prides itself by teaching the pilots how to use EVERY craft, and use them well. From Pinhooks, to TIE defenders, to even the NCA craft uglies.

also, certain ppl have command becasue they can get things done, and help motivate to get ppl to play more

Training, Freindship, and loyalty join the N.R.E.S.

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