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Actually,from what i've seen of this forum most people post that they offer commands for ppl who join up first. The people who take them haven't earnt them.

If you employ a ranking system then enevitably you get people who are unhappy with their position and higher 'ranked' people abusing their power. In the end,you don't get the ppl with real leadership qualities leading, just those who suck up and back stab the most. At KW we let people get on with it. Nobody is seen as higher than anyone (except the Monkey of course) but the senior ppl are more respected. That way others don't feel hard done by.

For equal oppertunity and the chance not to be kicked around by stuck up pr*cks for leaders join the Knight Watch.

I would add that i'll tear you a new ******* 'cept i'd most likely lose.

Papa Shango

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