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Ahem, they are not pricks. some of them are my best frinds, and if a member does get beaten, we tell them exactly why, so that they can get better.

Rank is based on skill, merit, and character. And to motivate players to get better, we crete testing, and a rank structure.

There is nothing more boring them coutless mindless, unmotivated batttle, each player and member learns to work as a team to better the group. Everyone helps everyone else out, regarless of rank, or skill.

People who give command postison out at the start, are usually jsut froming up, and need a core base of playters to get it running. There has to be a start somewhere. that is jsut the way they choose to do it.

If someone abusise their "rank" they are warned, and later kicked out. And it has never happened, because everyone has earned thier rank.

stop bad mouthing other groups. it iwll only make ppl not like your group more

Everyone does it differnetly for differant reasons. You can see what works, by the size of the group. and member loyalty.
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