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for all those harping about our lack of formal command and ranks, get over it. That's how a corporation works. One person, the CEO is in charge. I assiagn tasks based off my people's ability. That's why i stress we are a community. If i don't know you or can't trust you, you won't be doing much more than showing up for meetings and playing matches. There is no decentralization in descions. If i want something done, I'll do it myself. I don't have to tell anyone else to do it. the KWer's may *****, and enough of them do, I'll listen. This is how the universe works (both star wars and real), one boss, many workers. Each with their own task.

Let's talk what ifs here for a while. There are aproximately one million inhabited worlds (with colonies and moons etc) in the star wars universe. Let's say they average about 6 billion people each (earth's population giver or take--and that accounts for a world like yavin having 100 or so people and a world like Coruscant having aproximate 40-60 billion). Now, only about 1 billion or so are in the New Republic Military with aproximately 250million in the Imperial Remenant. What do the other 6 trillion or so beings do??? They work!!! The couldn't give a rats ass if you're a commander, ensign or general. We represent a greater portion of the Star Wars Universe than you do. An inter-planetary shipping company is a necesity in this environment. Millitary forces are a luxury. Even then, most planetary systems have their own defense forces (as do us shippers) because you are ineffectual and off playing soldier somewhere. done hypothesizing.

If you talk to us while online, post on the message board, etc. I get to know who you are and see what you are capable of. By not having a rank, I force you to engage in the group. If we had a rank, would my members know about me? Would i truely know about them? No, of course not. It encourages openness, creativity and willingness to listen to suggestions that <GASP!!!!> may be better than the "command staffs".

By having ranks (trust me i've been in a few groups where they have been) you have a bunch of drones who do what is told in order to stay active in the group or to get the next rank. Only the most outstanding members do things that my newest member will do. Where is the personal growth on any level in that? If you want to play solider, join the real military. Than you can salute all day, train till you drop, and get up and do the same thing over and over again. You should not have to type <salute> every time some one comes online. (oh an to be realistic, if you played soldier for real in the Star Wars Universe, most of what you'd do would be convoy and inspection duty).

Paul Barnard
aka Bad Monkey
Knight Watch Shipping Corporation
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