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no, i am not lame or ignoreant, i jsut got tired of hear the same thing over and over aobut your Lossly orginized group. And that you are Differnat because you are not Rebel or Imperial. YOu got about 12 Posts that are pretty much the same. And you have never fixed that bad image link in your sig.. Xoom is not a very good site... and you can never post images on UBB using those.

Who is the more foolish, to fool, or the fool whole follows him
Just liek the "22FG" you keep saying your group is better then everyone elses, but yet you forget that ALL the XWA and XvT and JK groups have something differant to add. And people likethose groups for differnat reasons.

For Example:

Republic Special Forces: People like them becauase they support a Lot of games, and are very orginized

NRES: (okay i will be biased) We provide a relaxed atmosphere free on intrenal Squabbling, everyone is there to help everyone else bet better. And the NRES has developed a reputation as one of the best Squadrons to recive traiing in Flight tactics, in ANY shielded fighter.

PHOEINX: Probly one of the best imperial Groups out there. Superb training program and highly competitive group. thier reputation is so good, people run when they are trying to compete.

Everyone has found something good to do, and by thier number you can see how many people enjoy it.

now, stop dissing the other groups.. for example
Sick of perpsosterous rules and regulations put up by Imperial and Rebel Groups? Getting teased on the Zone for being an Indie??? Wish you could find some people some place that just thought like you?
Rules are made to keep a Large group orginized, and small groupss from falling apart due to lack of disipline and loyalty.

I have not seen a "Pure" rebel, or Imperial Group...

The only time you get teased about being an indy is if you piss some people off by flooding, or saying how great your group is. And if you dont like getting teased.. get off the computer can cry to your mommy

And if people have trouble finnding a group to fit in, they are not asking enuf question. In the last 5 months i have had ppl wanting to join a group, but had no clue where to go. I talked to them about what they wanted, and directed them to a group that they would enjoy (most of the time it was NOT the NRES)

in other words MELLOW OUT!!!!! or you will face the same fate as the 22nd fighter group did
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