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Imagine the following situation:

The Planet Imbrosia has devastated by a civil war raging for a thousand years now.
Many generations were lost.
As the planet is in the outer rim no one ever took notice of it
Not the Old Republic nor the Rebel Alliance.
But as the Empire has such vast rescources
and the Emperor is almost allknowing he foresees that this planet will play a key role in the GALACTIC STRUGGLE.
The Star Destroyer Impounder is sent there to stop the different clans from slaughtering themselves and make them join the Empire.

1 month after the Impounders arrival:
The whole population is sent to a great hall which has been build for just one occasion:
Gareth Kavin is one of those to go there.
He has been an able commander of his clans forces and managed to stay alive.
When he takes his seat and a strange new anthem is played he has never heard before he starts to wonder what all this is about.
Then he sees him.
That old man in a black cloak.
Every other human beeing of his age would need a repulsor lift chair to move around, but he doesn't even need the help of one of his strangely red cloaked guards.
When he takes hs seat and begins to speak Gareth shuders as the voice is commanding but also gentle and understanding.
He drops the image he had of the Emperor once and forever, the Galactic evil despot wasn't true.
The true image was a wise man trying to unite the galaxy for peace and order, something that hadn't been there for many decades.
People of the planet,peace has been restored to your war rotten world by the Galactic Empire.
Know that our forces have not come here as enemys but as friends.We are here to stop the slaughtering but know that there are evil forces out there trying to destroy this peace.
So join us now.Join the POWER OF THE EMPIRE
Gareth in this moment felt very funny.
Though he knew the Emperor adressed his whole planet he knew he adressed him personnaly as well.
Everybody in the hall felt the same.

Now enough of this:
Let's say it very clear
I have a homepage dedicated to the Empire but Star Wars in general as well.
But I need help.
I am also currently creating a campaign for X-Wing Alliance where I need help as well (will include videos and so on...)
Rebels are also welcome to join up
I accept everybody
JOIN <a href="">Imperialpower</a>
by mailing me here
or wia ICQ (My number is:81286559)

I would like the members of this page to form a squadron as well later on.

Grand Admiral Sven "Topace" Holtzhausen
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