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You may have seen the Monkey's posts a few times about a fringe smuggler group called Knight Watch. Well, just to drum the point home, JOIN KNIGHT WATCH.

Not being a "faction" group means we don't have rules and crap about what you can and can't fly/do (at least without adopting a silly name for it and pretending to be something we aren't)

Tired of being mocked for being an Indie?
Tired of Jackass's for "leaders" letting you down?

Well then, join Knight Watch my friend and "Be all you can be" (Actually i prefer the British Army's motto "Be the best". Little more inspiring don't you think?)

We can't offer positions of "command" for those who join but we do offer a free barrel of ale for all new recruits. Think about it, being drunk and merry (Knight Watch option), or being a drunken tosser (Don't accept cheap substitues).

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Or email the Monkey himself at

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