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Im in - aslong as I can be our bomber expert....
B/Ws, Y/Ws, Skiprays and so on.
And the occasional outing as an T/I or A/W.
Im officially Ace 4th, but I had to restart cause my machine crashed and lost half my hard disk, including my pilot file !
I have had NO net-play experience, but I have flown against practically every star fighter, transport and capitol ship you care to name.
Im yours if you want me .....

Nove Squadron, Elite B-Wing flight group stationed aboard the MC Oracle, home of the tech library.

'No capitol too large, no corvette too armed. NOVA squadron, for ALL your extermination needs. Our special at the moment - Eclipse Star Destroyers !'
Commander Jon 'DFMD' Adamson - leader of Nova Squadron (B-Wing ID = 'The White Witch')
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