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I think so, XWA is getting kinda dated with all these other FPS and Space combat games, i mean look at the grapfics to Star Fleet battles, and compare them to XWA... I felt like i was actually commanding a Star ship...

Also i think a lot of the Editors are getting burned out from doing the same thigns over, and over. There have been so many projects that died because the editors got bored, and didn't want to spend anymore time. The only real project the is showing some slow, but steady progress is the XWAUP

Right now in the XWA, and XvT gaming community, we are starting to realize therre are less and less new ppl playing XWA< and now there is a base of about 200 regulars that are VERY experinaced pilots, yet are bored because the only pilots they can fly agasint are New pilots.
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