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Post Allow me to introduce myself...

I command the proud squadron of the freelance fighter group, the Doom Reavers. Over the years, we have gained much respect of the Omega Warriors and the Metal Strains, two of the most notorious fighter groups ever known in the X-WA game. We are hired to eliminate the opposition of other struggling teams. When we're hired we're paid with score credits, which help us complete upgrades and modify our range with weaponry. What am I getting at, you ask? Simple. We are in the slight need of more freelance fighters to join the Doom Reavers. But be warned. You may leave our group, but you leave the technology you gain with us. You do not just leave without us knowing it, nor will you defect or betray us. The consequences? We will raid and destroy you main outposts. We always move our outposts to other sectors, so the opposition will never be able to locate us. We ourselves are not quite known, but in time, we may be as feared as the mighty Boba Fett. So join us. You will not be disappointed...
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