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Update Holowan Plug-in 2

Alright the new version Is finally up at Many great additions and quite abit of work has gone into this version. It is possible That I may have overlooked a few things.

One addition which I sort of inadvertantly made part of the main install and if the file is remove it will cause a couple other mods to not to work. this file is a modified spells.2da that increases the amount of Force points it takes to use some powers.

I have altered spells.2da increased the FP(Force points) required to use
FORCE_POWER_DRAIN_LIFE decreased Fp required 15 from 20
FORCE_POWER_FORCE_BREACH decreased FP to 20 from 25
FORCE_POWER_FORCE_IMMUNITY decreased fp to 15 from 20
FORCE_POWER_FORCE_STORM increased FP to 25 from 20
FORCE_POWER_FORCE_WAVE increased FP to 25 from 10(way to cheap if you ask me)
FORCE_POWER_FORCE_WHIRLWIND increased FP to 15 from 10
FORCE_POWER_HORROR increased FP to 15 from 10
FORCE_POWER_INSANITY incresased FP to 20 from 10 also increased level required to 16 from 12(it is a very strong power and so should to use it)
FORCE_POWER_KILL increased Fp required to 20 from 15 also increased level required to 16
FORCE_POWER_SUPRESS_FORCE decreased FP to 20 from 25
FORCE_POWER_LIGHT_SABER_THROW decreased FP to 15 from 20

A friend pointed out that these changes may make The LS path quite abit more difficult. I can change it back to the way it was and add the altered Spells.2da as an optional mod. I think the changes are reasonable and rebalance oout some of the powers.
I leave it up to you guys to decide. If I do revert ther spells.2da you will not have to start a new game for the changes to take affect.
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