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Well... at the moment we are just starting out. I personally havent played for a bit cos I need to get the update =)
We meet often on the zone cos at the moment its mainly people who have been with us in XWA and XvT. But we are recruiting for Half Life now.. =)
As you can see from the site we are in early stages.
Im not sure where we are intending to play the games, all I know is that we are gonna be part of the new Battlestats support of Half Life. But I guess we are gonna play in all sorts of places =)
If you are intersted, we need more players, so get in touch with OMEGA_STITCH and organise a game. Once we are a little more sorted out, we are gonna have team practices... especially for Team Fortress and Counterstrike if we play in leagues for them too.
As I say, its early stages, and if you wanted to join you would probably have a influential voice in the Half Life squad.

Hey.. did I mention =)....
Im gonna be involved with the making of the new Force Commander page by the peeps at =)
They want me to help with news and designing some of the new pages =)

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