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Originally posted by Eliser
You can tell that the Kenobi used to be Carth, you can see it in the hair, so that's gotta have something to do with it.

Found one with Mission too, even with the fix. When you meet her in the undercity she runs up to you in her new armor, but after you click ok in the party selection screen it strips the armor from her and her inventory.

Don't mean to sound pushy or anything, just trying to do my part as a tester (since I can't mod at all).

Don't worry about it. I thought I fixed the undercity part in the first fix. did you go into the undercity before you installed the fix.

IFso then thats why when you go into a new area the game will load what it finds in the module and then override well something like that. anyway to keep it short. I'll look into the mission one soon.

Ok I identified the problem here, what happend is that the armor requires medium armor skill and mission does not have that. I can fix that with update. thought if she is in your party with the armor then all you have to do when she levels is to give her medium armor skill. However if she did not join you with the armor then The above IFso statement still can fix that if you can load a save game before you enter the undercity.

Argh I have found a few bugs today and so have you guys. Keep it comming.

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