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The spell list is all messy, and I'm not sure the first of the force wave series is even there anymore... what's the file in control of the ability to use each step in a spell chain?

Specifically: Force push seems to be missing (whirlwind and wave have become a column for some reason), force lightning seems to be on there twice (making the lightning chain move to two rows of two, that or its broken in some other way as well). This is from looking at the list on Bastila as soon as you get her on Taris.

Nice addition of replication though (assuming that's what BodyFuel is - I read that you're not supposed to mess with the strings on these things), looks like it's always been there. That new darkside powers mod would look great if you could fit it in equally well.

Sorry again, I'm the kinda guy that'll edit 40 pages of HTML code just to get the damn spacing right. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time.

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