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Ebon Hawk Droid

1) Not sure what the clothing variants are supposed to be, but on my Explorer turned Consular all of them show up as the starting Explorer clothes.

2) Colja's Robe - Looks good.

3) The Generals Robe - In the interest of perfection the name could use an apostrophe, and the description is a little fragmented. Cosmetic issues, nothing more.

4) Samurai Robes - Lol, not my style but looking good.

5) Jinn's Knight Robes - Looking good.

6) Windu Robes - Might consider adding an apostrophe-s to the name, again a cosmetic issue.

7) Casus Fett's Prototype Armor - There's some weird little squares in the description window, one after the word "Special", one after the word "Upgradeable", and one on the row below "Upgradeable".

8) Unknown Armor - The name for one of these armors is all messed up, you know like you get if you go to a Korean website? So is all the text in the description. This item has the same white squares as #7. It is the 6000 credit piece below the Blood Red Mandolorian Armor.

9) Exar Kun's Lightsaber - Can't afford it to test it, no description (not a big deal).

10) Guardain of the Order Lightsaber - There are some grammatical/spelling errors with this one. The word Guardian in the name is misspelled, and I recommend the following descriptive text (fixed various grammatical/spelling errors, please check the names yourself as well):

Two hundred years ago the starship Phenixo crash-landed on an unknown moon. The transport had been on its way to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant when a power surge during hyper-drive initiation hurled them into an unexplored sector of space. On board were thirty-seven young children, all of them sensitive to the force. With no one to guide them in the ways of the force, they began to learn on their own as the years passed. Later their descendants would form the Order of the Holowan. Loyal to neither side of the force, they mastered the strengths and overcame the weaknesses of both. Together they forged the Guardian, the most powerful weapon ever created. The strongest in their order would wield it, and only that person would lead them. Will you have it?

11) Kel Fisto's Saber - Shows up purple to me, as I believe it's supposed to (I put the files back in, no change). The description has some minor errors, but screw it, I'm not rewriting another one.

12) The spelling lightsaber and lightsabre is used interchangeably, I don't even know if one is wrong, but using lightsaber like the game does would help continuity.

13) Alora-sor-Dana's lightsaber - looks good, cept it appears on the droid twice. Doesn't seem right for a unique item.

14) Kuns lightsaber - Kuns needs an apostrophe, the description says he recrafted (try reforge) into a double bladed weapon, but it's only a single blade.

15) Deridium Sith Saber - I hate orange, but looking good.

16) Sep-Rith-Ro's Lightsaber - there's a white square at the end of the name, and are the hyphens really necessary? If that's part of the name, ok, otherwise it looks silly. If it's part of the name you might want to decapitalize the Rith. It's purple, don't know if it should be or not (I put the files back in, no change), so I'll leave that at that.

17) Acient Jedi Lightsaber - that's supposed to be Ancient, according to the description. There are some other small errors as well, but primarily there are two white blocks back in the description, one after the final period, and one below the paragraph. The blade shows up as white (with the files removed), it's a blue with them back in. Personally I would give it the game's original blue (same for any other saber with a color that came with the game), those textures tend to look better (somehow they are less blocky and seem smoother).

18) Sith Sabers - they're Sith only, as they should be, so I can't equip them. A couple small errors in the descriptions (namely missing periods), and it isn't mentioned in those descriptions that they're Darkside only (might want to add that, not everyone can connect the dots).

19) Force Gloves - Four white squares towards the end of the description. The lines have been broken apart as a result.

20) Sure Shot - Four white squares towards the end of the description. The lines have been broken apart as a result.

There are other occasional errors, like Jedi not being capitalized, but big deal. Otherwise the rest of the items seem fine (if a little overpowered, but who cares), but I can't be 100% positive since I can't afford most of them anyways.

Are the Arena links on both the droid and T3M4 both to the same mod? If so that's a little redundant, but at the least I would rewrite the name of it to just Arena (KOTORArena Mod breaks the continuity of the game) on T3M4.

Ok, no desire to review the basement right now, that's it. Heh, if this mod becomes so perfect that people think you have to buy it in a store, and that makes me the evil tester and editor of death, then so be it.

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