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1. The clothing variations just enable different clothing texture. Currently there are 2 clothing styles for Jolee, So Clothes will give Jolee his default clothes and clothes 02 will give you svösh's Jolee's kashyyk clothes. The same will go for bastila she has three clothing variations. Also the soldier has 2 clothing Styles. It was also used to give npc's variations of clothing.

7.Those white squares are unavoidable and were a choice of lay out by the author of the mod Orson.
8. This is Jango fett's armor also made by Orson He is Russian and so are his mods. I asked him to translate them for me for use in the plug-in and he did except that one file was corrupt and I haven't been able to get a translated English version from him yet. The reskin is still good, So that why I included it.

I try to not change the actuall content of the mods I include just to intergrate them as best as possible.

The grammatical/spelling errors will be fixed, but I think that is something that can wait. Well Im glad thats all your finding now.
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