Thread: [KOTOR] Holowan Plug-in betav0.3
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11. No that was My fualt. It will be fixed in the next update

13.I knew about this But I was not to worried, as anything you buy from the droid will be replaced as soon you exit the conversation. It is how the mod was made so that more Items could be easily added to it. Now whether or not you exploit this is up to you(the player). Anyway I fixed it.

14,15,16 fixed

17. Name and discription fixed.As for the texture you may have deleted this sabers texture w_lsabrebblu01.tga .It works fine here

18.I didn't make the mod, so not my place to add that.

19,20. fixed

As for T3 I don't think that can be fixed with out modfifying tha mod.

To xxss
On my system the readme loads into MS word, however all the readme's are installed into override. I'll upload a new update fix when I have a few more.
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