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Most Missed Oldbie

The Nonsensical Award to Make a Pronounceable Acronym (NAMPA)

Favorite Smilie Award

The Award that is given to the person who takes the longest time and most words to relate a usually very mundane idea in the longest, most drawn out way that is humanly, or non-humanly depending on who you are, possible

Short Talker Award

Edit: I also think we should have the "Big" awards...those being the regular Funniest Forumer, Best Sig/Av combo, Best Forummer, etc.

Edit2: Those, of course would be at the end of the show

Edit3: There is NOOO.....edit3

Life isn't like playing poker. It's like playing a game where you don't know the rules in a dark room using blank cards with a dealer who Always Smiles.
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