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Episode 35: The Academy on Bespin

Jaden exited out of hyperspace and turned the enourmous ferry. There was not a planet in sight.
'Master, where are we? I thought we were headed to Tatooine.' asked Foge, checking the maps.
'We are not going to Tatooine.' replied Jaden.
'Master Luke instructed us to go to Tatooine!'
'After our incident at Bakura, we won't be safe at any Imperial planet!' explained Jaden. 'Instead, we're going to Yalara.'
'Yalara?' asked the confused padawan.
'Yes, I had been there on a mission, alone. I'll tell you some other day. Right now, let's go to Yalara!'
Three dreadnoughts, escorted by numerous Ties exited the hyperspace and speeded into Bespin's atmosphere. The beautiful Cloud City was their destination. The ships landed on a spaceport and stormtroopers, officers and other troops of the Imperial Army exited. Then, the blacktroopers, a class of bodyguard droids exited the leading dreadnought, and following them was the Emperor, in some reduced armour. He was wearing a silvery-white robe over his armour. He walked over to his spacefighter stationed nearby.
The Emperor's spacefighter, nick-named the Crane looked like a modified version of an X-Wing. It's long sleek nose housed various weapons and the niches on boths of it's sides kept the Crane's wings. The Crane's wings folded out like blades of a jacknife and looked like a smoother version of a bat's wings. The long cockpit had windows such that they gave a clear view of the front and little view of the sides. The pilot could sit up and look around anytime for a better view.
The chair was tall and bent backwards which was the default position of the the seat. Their were controls on the front and some controls on the sides. Behind the cockpit were the jets which provided extreme power.

Azenite got into his spacefighter and activated a repulsorlift at the tip of the nose, making the nose point upwards. After a while, the jet behind roared and the crane shot out at blazing speeds. The wings unfolded out and gave the plane a T-shape. Azenite maneuvered the plane with great skill and in under twenty seconds, he was at the Sith Academy near the heart of Bespin.

As he exited, a Sith greeted him, along with others. The Academy was a large tower with various rooms. The complex held many buildings and facilities and many Siths and hopefuls roamed the parts. It was a busy place.
'Show me your best siths!' commanded Azenite.
'Right away!' replied a Sith and dissapeared.
It took a while, and soon, the Sith returned with three Siths. One was like the Sith that greeted Azenite, in a blue-and-white robe and a black hood which showed his face clearly. He held two sabers in his hands.

The other was stouter and wore a bullet-shaped helmet. He stood with his arms folded and a saberstaff hund from his belt.
The final one was slightly slimmer than the first one and wore black and red. A black hood hid his face and he wore grey gauntlets with a strange cylinder on the back of his palm.

Azenite viewed each of the students, head-to-toe. The students made no reponse, they either looked at each other or looked away, but none was daring enough to look at Azenite's cold, featureless helmet.

Episode 36 Preview:
'I thought the Noghri...'

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