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Enter DM-14

Asassin Bodyguard Droid
Owner: Rich Nemodian Trader named Jert Lunx
Capabilities: Capability to use more than sixty types of weapons
Mounted-Blaster on left wrist
Mounted Mini-Rocket Launcher on right wrist
Infra-Red Vision
Night Vision
Mounted Jet-pack on back
Chassis: HK-47 (Much, much, more advanced, but still of same design)
Colour: Shining Green on Black
Birthplace: Daeto Droid factories, Coruscant
Current Home: Alderaan

DM-14 is abroad the transport and told to patrol the area as his owner has gone to strike a deal with a Tatooinian Merchant. DM-14 looked to and fro and often walked here and there when he came upon the conversation between a droid and a man. Curious, he walked ahead and stood beside the strange man. He looked around, as if guarding the two and ocassionally looked at the two, but made no attempt for contact.

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