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DM-14 looked at the two strange droids. One was taking a can of oil in his tow and the other undid his tow. As the two droids were sleeping, DM-14 quickly disappeared into the crowd. Alderaan was near, and before the transport reached there, DM-14 had to investigate and find out where the mouse-droid found the can of oil.

He waded through the crowd and eventually found a few maintainence closets, but they were closed. There was one that was open. DM-14 entered it and found a can of oil missing. He paused a while and grabbed another and stored it in his left-shin compartment.

He then exited and wlked hastily towards the droids, with the words 'You thieves! You shall be reported to Public Transport Pilot! You must come!' echoing in his head.

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