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Originally posted by razorace
It wasn't my intention to offend. Beyond the initial hassle of getting thru the security, the service is great.

Unfortunately, that initial hassle is pretty combersome. It seems like every single time someone tries to get their system set up for a direct connection something goes wrong. Weither this is due to human error or the security measures, I can't say, but either way, it really makes it hard to get new people to use the repository.

Anyway, you're right. My comment was overly harsh and I applogize.
I was more suprised than offended.

Are the problems experienced similar? The instructions I have posted on the site now cover Eclipse, NetBeans, TortoiseCVS, cvsnt and precompiled sserver clients for Linux and Windows.

If there is a common area where everyone experiences trouble, that would be helpful to know.

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