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i don't think you can compare the threat of saddam (100s to few thousand) to the situation in sudan (30,000 to die even if we all get in aid now, maybe up to a million if we are too slow). And as far as i am aware Saddam was an evil guy, but they mainly only persecuted those small minority who stood up to him, not tried to wipe out an entire race... (kurds maybe... but that hasn't been a problem for years...)

Even if you took them as comparable (which they are nowhere near) the level of press coverage, political involvement of iraq was hundreds of times greater. hardly anyone has even mentioned sdan.

This is where a lot of the anti-western feeling comes from, the feeling that they are very selective about who they support or oppose. Either 1 million africans aren't worth as much as a few thousand iraqis, or there is something else at work. And you wonder why people don't trust the motives of the US/UK for going into iraq....

PS/ I wasn't saying the US should sort out all the world's problems, other countries need to pay more attention as well, but if they can only do one thing at a time amybe they should be more selective about what they do...

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