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The tortoiseCVS tutorial on the site uses the batch file method that's overly complicated and causes errors even when it works. The method I described on the first page of this thread tells you how to do it without resorting to that.

Secondly, I beleive the common problem area is during the log in and checkout process. I think the common error is a "connection refused". I've had multiple people get stuck at that point and have directed all of them to email you to see what the problem is. This happens even when I am able to connect to the repository so I suspect it has something to do with newly secured IDs.

I think the biggie is that newbies can't really handle the complicated process of either getting a direct connection or creating a local copy. In most cases, people just want to have a copy of the source but can't do so since trying to download the pure source only gives you the stuff in the root folder.

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