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n00bs writing rules and regulations? What has this world come to???


You need not always think about Star Wars. Try Matrix RPGs, or LOTR RPGs, or maybe even real-life RPGs! (OK, go catch Bin Laden, yeah, that'll be cool!)

Controlling NPCs is allowed, to a certain extent. The NPC shouldn't play a leading role, otherwise you will be controlling two characters. If you really want something like that, ask a friend to join as that NPC. OK, NPCs can basically just walk around, do something away from the action, merely watch, or say interact with characters. Example:

George slumped into the Cantina and ordered a beer. The Bartender (who is the NPC) recommended a wine instead. George agreed and asked a wine. The Bartender brought a nice, cold wine, year 1984.

Got that? Good! Now have fun! (And follow the rules )

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