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"If you can't help everyone, help no one"
I don't go by that mentality. But I usually dislike when other countries whine about the U.S. not helping "oh on this matter". I merely point out we can't help everyone... and we're already concentrating on one place already, Iraq.

i don't think you can compare the threat of saddam (100s to few thousand) to the situation in sudan
but if they can only do one thing at a time amybe they should be more selective about what they do...
But the point is we've already gone after Saddam, and caught him. Our resources are in Iraq now, and we need to finish our job. We can't just up and run from Iraq and focus on Sudan... can we?

He had no weapons that had the capabilities of making it to ENGLAND, let alone the states.
1) Who ever said he couldn't launch those weapons he had from another country?

2) Terrorism is the connection. Hussein and bin Laden are friends, and through Hussein's stash of money in Iraq, that's funding for al Qaida right there.

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