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Episode 36: Yalara

Azenite was standing in the duel room, the room where several Dark Jedi hone their dueling skills. He raised his hand and the lights came up. The first Sith jumped out and and weilded his saber in a mix of fast and strong styles. Azenite ignited his red saber and the two clashed. Azenite's strength got him through a first lock, but was struck as he turned back. The Sith jested and stabbed. Azenite quickly hit the other's cheek with the saber. The Sith rolled and got up, only to find Azenite's saber at his nose. Azenite motioned him to leave and the Sith scampered.
After the Sith left the room, the next one dropped in. He seemed strong and more solid, but swung as if he were made of rubber. Azenite deflected his attacking blows, but the Sith was relentless. He was getting pleased, he was giving away. Azenite ducked and stabbed the chin from below. The Sith roared and backed away. Azenite blowed him on the head. The Sith dropped on his knees. Azenite was to motion him to go, but the Sith sprang up again.
He used oly one blade now, he used the other sparingly. He was getting tired. Azenite finally parried twice, stabbed once and to finish, attacked the other's palm. The Sith dropped the saber and howled. Azenite destroyed the saberstaff and delivered a powerful punch, which brought the monster down.
Azenite then turned and the last one arrived, the darkness his only companion. His hood hid his face and he carried no saber. Azenite deignited his.
Jaden and Foge exited hyperspace just outside a lush, green planet. There were lots of lakes, rivers and a few mountains, but no oceans. Jaden entered in the west and lowered the ship carefully. Foge caught glimpses of villages and strange aliens looking at the wondrous ship. Ahead, they found a large village. There were many houses of wood, some treehouses, some tall buildings of stone, and their was one stoned and circular platform. Jaden decided it to be a landing pad and settled the large bird there. There was another platform like this a bit away from the city, a tower stood high on it.
Jaden exited the ship with Foge following him. They were greeted by a crowd of aliens and Noghri. The aliens were strange, they were slim and tall. Their eyes were on branches protruding from their necks. Their neck went about 1 foot and ended in a whole which would be their mouths. Their ears were hidden, behind their eyes. They were stouter below the necks and looked a bit ridiculous. They walked by wobbling themselves left and right, as if an old jar trying to walk.

A taller alien and a Noghri greeted them. The alien began speaking, his language was unknown and his voice was heavenly. It was soothing and high-pitched, yet pleasent to the ears. Still, neither Jaden nor Foge understood what he meant. The Noghri spoke, 'Welcome to Yalara, travellers. Two people come before here.' The Noghri spoke carefully, for he didn't know much of the outsider's language.
'Two people?' asked Foge, curiously. 'Us.' answered Jaden.
'No, no! Two other people, before you and you. One have strange clothes. Big, metal, grey, blue and uh... uh... bright sword...' the Noghri went on.
'Wait! A Bright Sword? What colour?' asked Jaden.
'Colour, colour, colour.' the Noghri though a while. 'Ah! Umaneca! It was Fertlaj. I mean, that colour, red and yellow make...'
'Yes! Orange! It was two-blade sword. Everybody look, eyes big open!' the Noghri told.
Jaden thought and dismissed it. He was getting sleepy and it was evening now. The sun had set and the twilight begun. Then something shook Jaden.
'Wait! I thought Noghri...' he started, but stopped. He decided to say it some other time. Meanwhile, he was given a hut to sleep in and Jaden slumped. Foge lay on another bed and was thinking something.
Jaden then realised it.
'Mordale!' he shouted out.

Episode 37 Preview:
'Trouble! Trouble! Brothers, die! White people kill!'

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