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Originally posted by MennoniteHobbit
2) Terrorism is the connection. Hussein and bin Laden are friends, and through Hussein's stash of money in Iraq, that's funding for al Qaida right there.
I can't believe anyone in the world still believes this!!! Even bush never had the guts to outright claim they were firends, he just kept mentioning them in the same sentances to imly a connection where there was none. Seems it may have worked... sigh.

So, by our decision to go to war in iraq (which means we can't now stop the genocide in sudan) we have cost a 20,000 iraqi lives and up to 1 million sudanese lives. But we have saved a maybe few thousand a year from saddam. Nice one.

Or we could have just not had the CIA help Saddam & bin Laden into power (as far as i can tell their only link is the CIA) and concentrated our efforts on more important things.

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