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Maybe Team Deathmatch won't be so bad, if they can make it like the one in Call Of Duty, with a smaller number of players.

I've been playing a lot of TDM in CoD recently. On servers with lots of people (30-40) it becomes just a mindless frag fest with what I can only describe as 'flocking' behaviour, i.e., a cluster of people just going around the maps in a wave shooting everything in sight.

However, on servers with smaller numbers of players, like 4-8 a side, you see a lot more tactics coming into play, with flankers, decoys, 3-pronged assaults to take a location. All of this without communicating via text or voice chat. It's like everyone gets automatically keyed in to each other. I often find myself automatically taking the role of 'flanker' to work around behind the enemy.

Part of the reason for better use of tactics is that when you run, your footsteps can be heard quite clearly - so it is easier to tell when someone is approaching. Crouch-walking basically allows you to be stealthy, because you don't make anywhere near as much noise.

It just occurs to me that RC could play very much like that - if they can get the map design for MP right. A lot of the MP maps for CoD are very well designed (look at Neuville, Carentan, Chateau, Depot, Dawnville, Brecourt etc.).

That's not to say I don't still want to see an objective-based mode. I think that is key to a game of this nature - as long as you can continually respawn. That's one of the things I really dislike about CoD's objective modes - you win the map if you complete an objective or kill all of the other team. Most of the matches I've watched (not bothered to play) have simply focused on killing the other team to win - so the objectives seem rather pointless.

A game like Enemy Territory I think has managed to get it right. Because you constantly respawn, you become totally focused on the objectives, and there is a great ebb and flow to the gameplay as you try to beat the clock.

Again, a lot of it comes down to some excellent level design, with good choke points, capturable respawn points, etc.

One thing I would say is that I think RC's MP might work best if there are smaller teams (8 a side) who employ better tactics and 'stealth'.
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