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This is going to be fun

Name: HRD-342 (Also known as Ark)
Species: Human Replica Droid (Male)
Weapons: Martial Arts, Extremely Strong, vibroblade
Bio: Ark was one of the last human replica droids made. It was made on a human trasnport in a secured lab. Unluckily though it broke out and killed every scientist who helped make the project. Ark was gifted with extordanary strength, martial arts, and speed. Ark is not the best with using blasters though.

Aboard the transport: (This is the same one with Luke and Doomgiver)

The scientist looked at the droid in the tank. It was perfect. It looked exactly like a humam. Everything was going as planned. The other scientists would add some minor touches to the droid and then it would be ready to be shipped. Suddenly the droids eyes opened. The scientist was shocked, it was not supposed to awaken right now. Suddenly the glass around the droid shattered and the droid stepped out of the tank. Everyone around the scientist screamed. The droid then jumped and grabbed a vibroblade and started killing many scientists. The scientist managed to pull the alarm just as the droid stabbed him.
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