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There are those for whom it is one's duty to "bash."

And "liberal" isn't a bad word... it gets used that way by the more ignorant of the conservative right (some might say facist). "Liberal" in politics means open to change or progress, whereas "conservative" means wanting to maintain the status quo and resist change.

The hard-lined conservatives of the Republican party can't point their fingers and say, "communist bastard" anymore, so they substitute "liberal." All that really is accomplished is a demonstration of gullibility level.

While change for the sake of change may not be good, there seems little doubt that change is necessary for progress. Someone once said that "all progress begins from an unpopular idea." That may or may not be true, but I would suggest to you that many of the institutions and ideas that we take for granted today where once opposed by hard-lined conservatives.

So a happy median is to be a conservative democrat or a liberal republican. Instead, we have a hard-lined, right-winged, neo-conservative (their self description) group puppeteering the President of the United States. I for one do not agree with allowing someone that is willing to allow themselves to be bought and paid for by groups like the Christian Coalition, Religious Right, and corporations like Haliburton.

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