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Bah, how is the Merc Scout supposed to get to a good sniping point without a Jetpack? He sucks otherwise, and the Jedi move too darn fast. Without it, he's even weaker than the Rebel Scout, since he doesn't have a cloak...

I love the idea of new skins, but taking out the Jetpack is not a good idea, for reasons of balance.

I had a similar reaction to the "Korriban with Guns" mod released some time ago. I think messing with the (gameplay of the) existing Siege maps isn't a very good thing (unless of course it's done by the original authors who have an idea of the balance and how it was intended to play, such as the case with Destroyer2). I mean with enough work you could balance it, but everybody has their little pet peeves about the maps and changing things around usually doesn't lead to anything good, because of balance. I'm not talking about fixing exploits, but things like taking out the jetpack or giving people new weapons.

Again, no offense. I'd rather see NEW siege scenarios with these ideas in place, but I know that's a lot to ask since its so much more work.

As to famous characters, if you say we have to take out Boba Fett just because he's not "generic" then we have to take out Chewbacca, Jan Ors, and Lando as well! I know TK you have a different philosophy when it comes to Siege classes, but still.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. ; )

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