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Get Cloned.
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When playing siege, it's insane how many people choose (and dominate with) the Jedi class, and how many n00bs flock to Boba Fett. And, the Rebel Infantry class is just way super overbalanced. He has an E-11, Repeater, Flechette, Trip Mines, a Big Bacta... while the Snowtrooper just has an E-11, Repeater, and E-Web. And all the classes have either too much or too little health. I've made the health of the siege classes what it is for the NPC of them (I've done many changes to NPCs as well).

Look at Castle Wolfenstein classes, Kurgan. They're all generic. You don't play as Hitler or Helga, you play as the grunts. Soldiers, engineers, medics, lieutenants.

I've already tested the mod with some clan members and allies, and they really liked it. They didn't need cloaking Landos, jetpacking Boba Fetts, and lightsaber-throwing Jedi to have a good and balanced game.

I've made siege more how the movies played. No clones of Jan, Chewbacca, Lando, etc. And I don't believe I ever saw anyone using "cloaks" in the movies either.

I'm looking for someone to do some coding changes for me (I've already done some simple stuff waiting to be compiled) like having air strikes called by the Officer (former Demolitionist class, which served very little purpose other than to annoy) class that are called via binoculars. Also, a fusioncutter inventory item for Techs to use to repair mechanical things, like vehicles, turbolasers, emplaced guns, etc.
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