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Originally posted by StormHammer
... on servers with smaller numbers of players, like 4-8 a side, you see a lot more tactics coming into play, with flankers, decoys, 3-pronged assaults to take a location. All of this without communicating via text or voice chat. It's like everyone gets automatically keyed in to each other ... Enemy Territory I think has managed to get it right. Because you constantly respawn, you become totally focused on the objectives, and there is a great ebb and flow to the gameplay as you try to beat the clock.
it almost sounds like you're talking about America's Army, without the respawning. multiplayer is ONLY objective based, and you win by either meeting the objective or eliminating the opposing force. players cannot be 'rambo' in the game ... that's just begging to get a cap or two in the a$$. you must work as one large team, or a few smaller teams, and keep the lines of communication quick and efficient.

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