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Oh and MH: No country would be stupid enough to aid Hussein in launching so much as a SCUD. Even assuming that Hussein would allow his WMD to leav Iraq, which I seriously doubt, no-one would be aid him for the risk of getting their country bombed to hell and turned into a parking lot. Not even your old friend Gadaffi would be that stupid.

Surely Hussein wouldn't tell them he was carrying those weapons. They may be hard to sneak in but knowing him and his friends... it is possible. That doesn't matter anyways.

But yet again my point still stands:

But the point is we've already gone after Saddam, and caught him. Our resources are in Iraq now, and we need to finish our job. We can't just up and run from Iraq and focus on Sudan... can we? So, I'd stop complaining about not going into Sudan.
Kind of pointless talking about what-we-should-have-dones when that doesn't make a difference...

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