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Cercueil de LeDjable

a formor Royal Guard and stong in the force. He employs a strong dark side aura, but his detication to duty and honor compele him, though sometimes grudgingly, to work on the side of the Jedi.

he has no love for the Jedi, but his disdain for the Sith or dark Jedi holds more of a hatred in his heart than it does for the Light side Jedi. In turn, he is weak in some of the abilities of Light Side Jedi, but master of the Dark Side.

again, he holds no allegiance to either side of the struggle and has killed numorous Jedi as well as Sith/Dark Jedi.

He employs a formor Impiral Shuttle modified, of course, to fit his own needs. Its painted black with bits of starfield drawn across the hull for a makeshift cloak. he uses his force abilities to jam radars though it doesn work all the time and hes been forced to fight off a number of reminant ships as well as New Republic authorities.

he wears a number of Impiral armors in his quests and missions including modified Stormtrooper, SnowTrooper, SwampTrooper, HazardTrooper, Heavy trooper and other various uniforms from the Imperial Navy. All of which are either Crimson colored or in Jet black. His preferred uniform, however, is his Royal Guard attire. mainly because its what he always remembers wearing and the site of it can ivoke fear in those he is asked to "deal" with.

His weapons include a SaberStaff with pure white blades; a rarety that cost him his right arm in his pursuit of the crystals needed to construct it. that arm is now replaced with a cybernetic, but he refrained from having living tissue placed over it s a reminder of what he has given up and to remind him of his mission. (mission to be disclosed later).

he rarely employs blasters or other such weapons, but he will use what he needs to complete his missions.

he lothes the being referred to as a mercenary or an assassin, but he knows that is what he is and he tries to accept it. He is what he is--The Devils Coffin.

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