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Nice little flamewar... And for once one that I didn't start...
Flamewar? That wasn't a flame war, or at least I've seen more intense ones...

Originally posted by ET Warrior
Typically only because The Bush supporters come in and give excuses to try and blame away the truth.
And yet, what is this?

Originally posted by Kain
Hail to the Chief indeed.
That is one small example of Bush-bashing, is it not? And that post wasn't even a reply to anything, as you say, "blame away from the truth." And there's more Bush-bashing that you may not have cared to see, and that's an example of your "blaming away from the truth." Now let's let that discussion end and stay on topic.

The Kain presidency would probably be more legitimate than the Bush administration anyways
Yeah, anyone who's his enemy will get on his Secret Service's hit list, and he'll become a dictator, ooh that's so legitimate.

just kidding! though I hope that's not the case...

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