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I would have to agree on the classes being based on generic characters. I was hoping that Siege in JKA would be a lot like Enemy Territory for Castle Wolfinstien. "Witch is free download and you don't need Return to Castle Wolfinstien to play." I wasn't hoping it would be free, but was looking for the same feel.

The balancing is all wrong and the fact that some characters have 50% health ok so you jump in the game 1/2 dead?

As for Jedi, Jetpacking Boba Fetts, and Cloaking Landos. I say keep the Jedi, make Boba Generic Mando skin, and replace Lando with whatever. Though The Human merc would be nice for the Merc sniper.

I really don't care about jetpacks and cloaking. Jedi something could be done creative with them. Even though they are overpowered compared to other classes and with the right person can run the map.

Maybe have a numeric limit on the number of jedi per team and have it switch to the highest scoring person on each team every round.

As for Koribann and the Demo Jedi. Either give all Demo to both sides or take the class away. The Jedi Demo is underpowered compared to the Dark Jedi Demo.

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