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Re: Lost in the VJun map.

Originally posted by ericth
I just killed the Tie Bombers and am not sure where to go next to get into the castle proper.

I think I may need to backtrack somewhat, but am not sure. I'm not clear on what is the castle proper and what's just outlying stuff. I think I exhausted the possiblities of further exploration over by the area with the Tie bombers, and didnt find a way in.

I backtracked through the canyon to the area I first went through but again have not found the way into the castle. I'm not clear as to which direction it is, now.
After you shoot down the TIE Bombers you get back on the ground and keep on going (I think to the right), running from shelter to shelter. Use Protect if you have it, and Heal under the shelters if you have it.

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