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Originally posted by MennoniteHobbit
Originally posted by Kain
Hail to the Chief indeed.

That is one small example of Bush-bashing, is it not? ... And there's more Bush-bashing that you may not have cared to see, and that's an example of your "blaming away from the truth." Now let's let that discussion end and stay on topic.
The topic is, "The White House is Blowing it [a.k.a. screwin' it up]." Like MennoniteHobbit suggested, we should keep it on topic. If true, then there is reason to "bash" Bush, however....

One thing that I've noted: Bush supporters get upset and cry foul when Bush is "bashed," and the implication by some is that there is a high amount of "Bush bashing" going on in this forum.

That may be.

But if it's true, then the logical question might be, "why?" Why do so many people "bash" Bush? My answer: there is significant dissatisfaction with the Bush admin's performance, character, and loyalties in the Whitehouse. Unlike the Republican adminstration of Reagan, Bush's loyalties seem to be to his supporters and pals first. In fact, he's made statements that support this notion such as, "if you're not with us, you're for the terrorists." The implications of that are pretty clear. Those critical of the Bush administration are considered enemies of the state by the admin. The link I put in the "Bush Pro's and Con's" thread the other day gives more support to this notion. Reagan on the other hand, was extremely patriotic and thought of the nation first and individuals of the elite second.

Bush tries hard to emulate Reagan (going off to the ranch, blows his own horn about so-called economic successes, etc.), but he falls dramatically short. In fact, Bush seems more like a Nixon Republican than a Reagan one.

The man we really need in the Whitehouse is John McCain. Perhaps if we can get a regime change now with Kerry, then McCain can get on the Republican ticket in 2008 after the party goes through some much needed house cleaning (getting rid of the fascist element of Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al.). If Bush is re-elected, the country might find itself in ruin by the time McCain gets his chance.

Fire the Liar, elect Kerry in November!

Until then, Bash away, bash away, bash away all! But only in regards to non-members per the Lucasforums rules. And George W. Bush does not appear to be a member. Nor does Kerry.

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