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Originally posted by MennoniteHobbit
Kind of pointless talking about what-we-should-have-dones when that doesn't make a difference...
The majority of the debates in the Senate don't make a difference. In fact I'd say none of them really make a difference, yet we debate the issues all the same.

Fact of the matter is, we went into Iraq to liberate the people from an opressive dictator..(Well, we originally went in to find those WMD's, but once those never showed up, our reason for going in somehow changed...weird how that worked)

But since we did that we've set a precedence, and probably created alot more resentment for us in the third world, particularly those third world countries being opressed by dictators who make Saddam look like Mary Poppins. Why do we accept what's happening to them without so much as a word of protest, when we were willing to send our military to Iraq to stop Saddam.

I don't WANT to be fighting continual wars against dictators. I'm against what they do as much as anyone, but a continual state of war with the death toll of American soldiers rising isn't something I want either. There are people I know in the military, and though it may sound cold, they mean a lot more to me than people I've never met.

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