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Originally posted by Noxrepere
How was there any robbing of the election? The justices of the court were the one’s who decided the recounting, as the Democrats wanted it to be done, was unconstitutional. Not Bush’s brother. In what way do you believe that the election was robbed?
Your joking, right? Gore wins the election, but wait, Florida, the state where Jeb Bush is governor, needs a recount. Gore wins again. NOPE!! RECOUNT!! Gore wins. Recount again. Bush wins? Wait, that doesn't make sense!

Any judge can be bought, and the Bush's are swimmin in Texas Tea, especially now that Bush signed that bill to export 25 million gallons of oil out of Iraq, and sell it to Daddy and other oil companys(there all buddies, remember?) for a fraction of the price that they're all going to sell it for. But the war wasn't about oil, now was it?

Both of these articles hardly appear to be evidence of any sort that give justification to wanting Bush fired or that the White house is “blowing it"
Prove me wrong when I say that. Bush and company release a report saying 'We're winning people', but some reporter gets curious and wants to see all the numbers. Well, he could either suddenly drop off the face of the planet or Colin Powell can make up the 'It was an accident' story. Of course, asking for secret numbers like that may justify Bush's most idiotic law yet, the Patriot Act, and have Mr Reporter locked away until Bush is out of office and that POS law is abolished.
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