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Thanks for posting the different ways for single player . I finaly got it to work. I put this in my autoexec.cfg:

helpusobi 1
seta g_sabermorerealistic 2
seta g_dismemberprobabilities 100
seta g_dismemberment 3
seta broadsword 1

Then I installed Ojp 1.04.

Then It still wouldn't work. But, I found that if I typed "g_saberrealisticcombat 9999999" in the console, it would work, but only on the next two enemies to die

Which is stupid, so anyways, I just added this cvar to my autoexec.cfg:

bind mouse1 "+attack; g_saberrealisticcombat 9999999;"

just like that, so now it works (everything, waist, head, ect...) about 9/10 times. 1 might be a high enough value to, I don't know, I didn't try, I just know this works for me.

Edit: Why couldn't it just be like JO It was so simple.
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