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as for florida... that looks more and more fishy the more you look into it. It wasn't that they fixed the counting, or "fixed" the election as such, but they did as much as possible to make it hard for likely democrat voters to vote.

I can't remember the exact details, but florida passed a law that said felons couldn't vote. Some republican woman (who later ran Bush's campaign) implemented this by basically taking everyone's name off the electoral register if their name was the same as a convicted felon. They didn't even check that it was THE SAME PERSON!

[unsure]I may be wrong on this part, but i think this policy was only implemented in certain counties (those most liekly to vote democrat). [/unsure]

10s of thousands of (mainly poor black) voters therefore turned up to be told that they couldn't vote. Even the returning officer in oneplace found SHE herself couldn't vote as her name was the same as a convicted felon. Of course, it is complete cooincidence that poor black voters mainly vote democrat.

Add to that the county in which all those people mistakenly voted for that right wing guy thinking they were voting for gore. Even he said that that was very unlikely.

Forget the rubbish about recounts, even those votes alone should have given it to gore. And i think that once the recounts were finally done (not including those lost votes, but way after gore had given up) gore won by a fair bit anyway, but by then it was too late.

Sorry, my memory is terrible for names...

Basically, gore threw it away by conceeding defeat. As soon as he did that he came across as the "loser" and always seemed to be the one whining. I'm 90% certain that if he hadn't conceeded defeat early then you would have a different president right now as the recounts would have continued naturally (and without being seen as gore desperately clawing at straws). As i said earlier... politics these days is all about the perception of being right/clever/strong, not the actual truth.
I'd like someone to say WHY, if you just looked at their past record and suitability, Bush would even be in the running for Govenor and then President. If it wasn't for his family that is....

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