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First of all, it's a nation wide law in the USA that convicts can't vote. I can't remember at the moment if it's just people who have been in prison or what, but I do know that is nation wide and not just Florida, and certainly not just specific counties in Florida.

Secondly are you implying that the majority of people with the same names as convicts would vote Democrat?

I believe that the reason Gore kept pressing for recounts, even after some recounts had been completed, was because Bush was gaining more votes than Gore, and he wanted to keep recounting until it tipped in his favor (i.e. the “intention” of the voter on ballots that did not have a vote for president specified).

I’m not sure about the accuracy of the complaint about felon name confusion, but even if that were true that wouldn’t specifically favor one candidate over another because having the same name as a felon does not immediately mean that you would vote for Gore. Also, when people register to vote, I believe they use their Social Security number to register and since that is unique for every individual, even if you did have the same name as a felon your SS would still be different. Having the exact same name as a felon seems like it would be incredibly rare anyways, and as I said, it wouldn’t favor one party over the other if people with the same name weren’t allowed to vote.

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