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BeefyBoy hauls his bulk up from the floorboards and readies himself to strike. As he levels the bag of Doritos that you don't want to know where he keeps to throw at Poggle, the bag pops, throwing all the chips into his mouth. Delighted at the surprise, BeefyBoy chews and enjoys the snack. Upon swallowing, a partially masticated Dorito sticks in his throat choking him and he administers the self-Heimlic, spraying the food bits all over Poggle. Poggle with retch violently for 2 posts.

And I'm sorry Katarn, but how can you call yourself that? Yeah, that thing above your avatar. That makes me want to retch violently for the rest of my life. You and Darth Tepe are undeserving of that title, and if anyone I've seen on here should have it, it's Van Lingo.

"Hey, I think that you're gay." Then I said, "Shut up voice in my head, I'm trying to watch the Ice Capades!"
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