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if you dont like jedi why are you playing STARWARS.
hmm i might need glasses but im reading that as _STAR_ wars not _JEDI_ wars

btw i love the new animation, maybe late you get some saber blade animations for instance Black saber blade with white lightning shooting from hilt to saber end or static lightning traveling around the blade
thats got to be the worsed idea ive EVER seen

well everyone has to stop saying take out jedi because thats what known in Starwars, if anyone says starwars u know the first thing they think is "jedi" so he has to square with that.
Jedi arnt even supposed to EXIST in this time period, the only jedi that exist (not including EU) are Obiwan Yoda and Luke
Jedi should be taken out of the game completely OR it should be only 1 in 100 players can get jedi, which would be perma death

the DEV's should stop tending to the needs of carebares and work on something that actualy NEEDS to be fixed, IE pistoleer

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