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Episode 37: Sabreclaw

The final warrior entered the room, walking calmly. Azenite watched him walk towards him and when they were four paces apart, Azenite ignited his saber and attacked with a swinging blow. The other rolled and ignited his sabers which were mounted onto his gauntlets. He then pounced on Azenite like a tiger and the duel began.
Azenite deflected and stabbed, but he was overwhelmed by his opposition's fast fury. The Sith, who wasn't holding any saber merely swiped and that delivered a dangerous slash. He attacked using his left hand and his right for protection. Azenite analyzed his opponent and gave a strong blow at the legs. The Sith jumped and stabbed Azenite from above, knocking him down.
As Azenite was heavy in weight, he rolled and made an effort to get up, only to be stabbed and sabered by his opponent. Azenite finally released a Force Push, which made the duelist fly.

The Emperor got up and held up his hand to stop. The duelist de-ignited his saber and walked over to Azenite. The Emperor spoke, 'You, warrior, have proven yourself to be the Bespinian Sith I had seen in my dream. I have a job for you.'
The Sith tossed his head to let the hood fall back and revealed his face. He wore a black band to cover his nose, mouth and his lower face. His eyes were green, maybe greyish. His hair were black and stood up. He had a young look to his face. 'I am Sabreclaw, they say.' said the warrior, 'Assign me!'
The sun shone brightly as Jaden exited his hut. His apprentice was already mingling in the market. Some moments later, Jaden was in a wooden lift, trying to get to the Mayor's chamber. As the lift stopped, he entered a room. The Noghri mayor stood talking to Mordale beside a wide window. The room was lush-green and decorated with plants and trees. Mordale's head turned towards Jaden, then back to the mayor.
Jaden followed his example and ignored him. 'Mayor, I hope we will get enough cover here, we are hiding from Imperials.' he said.
'Imp... what? Out of mind! Where other man? Why hide, you?' replied the Noghri.
'Uh, my apprentice is buying something from the market... We have to hide because...' Jaden's sentence was completed by Mordale, 'because you got into trouble and had to run away from Tatooine, didn't you?'
Jaden sternly turned back to the Noghri when a group of Noghri warriors broke in, huffing and gasping.
'Trouble! Trouble! Brothers, die! White people kill!' their leader said.
'What?' the mayor thunderously yelled. 'Yes! They now black people! And y-yellow thing on head!' the squad leader gasped.
'Imperials!' both brothers said at once. 'Where?' asked Mordale.
'Away! At new house! Way... uh... Wayland!' the leader replied enthusiastically.
'What do the Imperials want at Wayland again?' Jaden asked in a tone of exhaustion. 'Forget that! We must help!' said Mordale, 'You have your padawan, right? We must go to their aid!'

Jaden ran to the 'spaceport', escorted by his apprentice. Mordale's Slave II, which he had borrowed from Fett was already up into the air. Jaden got into his transport, and hundreds of Noghri warriors entered behind him. When the transport was full, Jaden closed all doors and took off for Wayland.

Episode 38 Preview:
'We expect the next wave soon.'

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